What are the benefits of using Pink Angel?

  • It helps to refine delicate lines;
  • It moisturises and improves the overall texture of the skin;
  • It helps stimulate circulation to the skin while gently exfoliating and cleansing it;
  • It balances the most stressed and sensitive of skins;
  • It does not draw oils from the skin – so dry skin types can use Pink Angel with positive results;
  • It is not just clay! Not that the huge benefits of clay should be understated, but Pink Angel includes a plethora of nourishing oils and some purifying yet gentle herbal extracts;
  • Aussie clays are the purest in the world. Detoxifying, purifying and healing. They are a great poultice, as the clay absorbs pain;
  • Mineral compounds in clay are great treatment for scarring, in fact any clays are good for stretch marks and scarring;
  • In addition to the clays we add some key ingredients to make using Pink Angel an uplifting and highly beneficial experience… one of these are silk peptides, which consists of 18 silk amino acids that can be absorbed into the skin to provide moisture balance and promote suppleness, shine and elasticity. It imparts a silky, smooth feel to the skin and retains and holds moisture which results in stronger skin with better elasticity;
Pink Face Mask
  • Another important ingredient we add is Gotu Kola, although NOT a caffeine it acts like caffeine in that it de-toxes and strengthens the skin cells;
    A favourite ingredient we have also used in Pink Angel is Marine Collagen. This wonderful natural material will help you hold and maintain what collagen you have. To name just a few of the benefits of this ingredient, it encourages elastin collagen thickening in the skin, helps to prevent collagen and elastin breakdown, encourages skin renewal, reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines, and helps to provide long-term improvements in deeper wrinkles;
  • To make Pink Angel even more valuable we have added just the right amount of goats milk powder, which contains vitamins A, B6, B12 and E and beta-casein. Caseins are easily absorbed into the skin and allow for quick hydration of dry skin. The content of triglycerides, capric, caprylic and caproic acid in goat’s milk helps balance the skin’s natural pH and promotes natural exfoliation of dry skin;
  • And finally we add carefully selected pure essential oils such as Cape Rose Geranium, Fragonia (derived from the Paperbark tree) and Manuka for their many gentle aromatic benefits.

How to use Pink Angel (Hydrating) Clay Mask

Pre-cleanse the face area, and then apply the Pink Angel mask using gentle strokes upward and inwards to the centre of the face.  Do not apply the mask to the area immediately around the eyes, to the eyelids, or the lips. The mask should be applied in a thin layer but ensuring that all areas of the skin applied have complete coverage.  Close your eyes, sit back and relax for 20 minutes, breathing in the pure and gentle aroma of the essential oils.  Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry.  Then follow with your favourite EDA hydrating cream or serum.

Why not try Pink Angel now?
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