Why EDA Uses Dead Sea Salts

Tranquil Angel Bath Salts

WHY EARTH DEW ANGEL USES DEAD SEA SALTS When considering what to include in Earth Dew Angel’s bath salts we looked to the Dead Sea! With the waters of the Dead Sea being renowned for their therapeutic effects since ancient times how could we not include them as a key therapeutic ingredient for our bath […]

Introducing Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Salt Scrubs

Dead Sea Salt Scrub Another addition to our Dead Sea Salt series of products is EDA’s Dead Sea Salt Scrub with Lemongrass and Lemon Myrtle, and it is beneficial for all skin types. The minerals in Dead Sea salt help nourish and treat the skin in many ways, restoring balance and rejuvenating the outer and […]

Looking for a Tranquil Experience?

Dead Sea Shore

Looking for a Tranquil Experience? It’s as close as your bath and our Tranquil Angel Bath Salts. Part of our Dead Sea Salt series of products, is our luxuriously tranquil bath salts. Simply add to warm water and sink into the aromatic experience on Tranquil Angel and feel the tension just melt away. EDA’s Tranquil […]