(Not Just) Relaxation Through Self Massage

One of the simplest, but most beneficial ways to maintain good health and wellbeing is through massage.

When most of us think of massage we think ‘relaxation’, but massage is so much more than that. On top of relaxing tired muscles, massage also…

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Speeds up the elimination of waste products in the body
  • Aids in digestion
  • Lifts endorphin levels (the brain’s feel-good chemicals)
  • Improves circulation
  • Relieves tensio
  • Reduces stress, and
  • Promotes longevity.

Quite a list isn’t it?

So just imagine what a regular daily massage could do for you, and in a perfect world we would all be able to take the time out and afford to have a full body massage each day.

But most of us lead busy lives and our days don’t always allow us time to enjoy that full body massage… oh and of course there’s that lack of a money tree!

Why not then supplement our (weekly), (monthly), (regular) full body massage with a little therapeutic and relaxing self massage, taking just ten minutes out of your day.

One of the great and easy ways to unwind is the self facial massage.

Regular massaging of the facial muscles is not only extremely relaxing but it can help soften fine lines and wrinkles. Starting with the neck, work your way up over your face using gentle, fluid gliding. Repeat this several times and feel your face muscles relax. Regular facial massage has been shown to improve circulation, release toxins, break down fatty deposits and brighten the complexion.

It will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth and more vibrant!

Ear massage is also very therapeutic and easy enough to do yourself. The ears have specific reflexology and pressure points and these points have been used for centuries for stress relief and general health and healing. For a good reflexology ear massage use your thumbs and index fingers to rub and gently tug on the earlobes. Rub all over the curves and folds of each ear, not forgetting behind the ears too. This self massage process not only feels great but it is effective for the release of endorphins and stimulation of energy points that connect to organs and run through the entire body.

A good reflexology foot massage from a Professional Reflexology Therapist works with the thousands of nerve endings in the soles of your feet, and is incredibly healing to the entire body. But if you can’t go to a professional, then you could try the tennis ball foot massage yourself.

Although not as accurate as a professional reflexology treatment, the ball approach is something you can do quite successfully yourself. You can either stand or sit for this. Place a tennis ball underneath the ball of your foot (of course, you need to be barefoot for this to work) then slowly roll the ball back and forth, i.e. under the arch and heal, then back through the arch, under the ball of your foot to your toes. Cover the entire foot several times paying attention to sore or tender points by adding just a little extra pressure to those areas.

When massaging bare skin it is always good to use a massage oil to reduce friction and skin irritation, and addition of essential oils to the base vegetable oil will also increase the therapeutic benefit of your self massage sessions.

Just be mindful to check our page on Using Essential Oils and Safety With Essential Oils, or consult a professional aromatherapist before mixing up your massage oil.

Oh and….forget the oil for the foot massage…the tennis ball tends to get a bit messy using oil!

Have an aroma-scentual day everyone!

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