The concept of Earth Dew Angel was born out of necessity, and has grown into a passion.

Earth Dew Angel founder, Carol Orrock, has been plagued with very sensitive skin for most of her adult life.

Carol found her skin would react severely to skincare products containing synthetic chemicals. This included some “so-called” natural or organic products. Frustrated with years of specialist and medical examinations, trying and testing expensive lotions, potions, creams and oils, Carol decided to take control of her own skincare regime and started a journey of discovery to repairing and protecting her skin.

With a determination to help others with similar skin conditions, and those who simply wish to improve the health of their skin, in 2006 Carol commenced her considerable journey of research and learning. The result…the birth of Earth Dew Angel.

Earth Dew Angel products are hand-made with 100% natural ingredients, including natural preservatives and natural anti-oxidants.

Earth Dew Angel…a truly angelic experience!
Earth Dew Angel - Natural Skin Care & Aromatherapy