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EDA Perfume RangeWe’re very excited here at EDA to finally release our new Natural Perfume Range …

With five roll-on perfumes and three solid perfumes you are sure to find your favourite scent at Earth Dew Angel.

Put together with all natural ingredients and 100% pure essential oils we are proud to bring you …

Our Roll-on Range …

Amorous Angel … sweet, spicy and earthy with a hint of sweet lemon. This exotic perfume, despite its grounding scent has a hidden, playful mixture of vanilla and floral undertones coming through in the background.

Angel’s Dew … a fresh, delicate mixture of fruit and floral aromas. Refreshingly delicate Angel’s Dew is for the woman who likes that fresh morning dew feeling.

Joyful … first catches your attention with its fresh, fruity and tangy aroma, then captures you with its unique floral yet warm wood undertones. Rounded off with spicy honey-like tones, Joyful will lift you up and charm you.

Angel’s Wings … a fresh, rich and intensely sweet, almost floral citrus based scent. As you delve deeper into the magic of Angel’s Wings you sense a spicy-balsamic and slightly woody aroma that lifts you off your feet.

Mystic Angel … is full of mystery … first notes to take you in are its sweet yet spicy, earthy yet exotic tones. Then before you know it you are taken to a place that is full of citrus and fruit, but that exotic power is still drawing you in.

And our Solid Perfume Range …

Freya … just like the Nordic Goddess of beauty and love, Freya has a unique floral but sweet, refreshingly fruity and tangy aroma. Once taken in by the tang of Freya you feel the warmth of its spicy balsamic and woody undertones that you just have to love!

Mistress of the Wild … an intensely sweet and fresh (almost floral) citrus scent, with a hint of rose. This beautifully wild scent is backed up by a subtle yet lingering woody, balsamic aroma.

Venus … a minty floral aroma with lemon woody undertones. You will love Venus for its fantastically warm and lovely scent.

And until Christmas Eve all our perfumes are on sale, along with all products at Earth Dew Angel!

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