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New 2inOne Electric VapourisersWe’re really excited to introduce our brand new 2inOne Vapourisers….in two gorgeous colours…Saffron and Seagrass.

Pamper your senses and create an aromatic atmosphere to enhance your wellbeing with your favourite Aromatherapy Essential Oils or Wax Melts, using these uniquely designed Aromamatic® 2inOne Vapourisers.
Operation is safe and convenient…simply plug the vapouriser into a standard electric outlet and turn on, allowing up to 15 minutes to reach full operating temperature.
When using Essential Oils or Blends add 8-10 drops of your favourite essential oil or essential oil blend to the bowl and enjoy their delightful aromas. Vapourisation time of your essential oil or blend will vary according to the oils chosen.
Use only quality Essential Oils or Essential Oil Blends as essential oils dilutes with base or carrier oils, i.e. 3% Rose in Jojoba Oil, will not vapourise.
When using for Wax Melts, make sure to remove all packaging before placing the melt in the bowl. Dissolving time of individual melts will and can vary with different products.

The great thing about our range of Electric Vapourisers is that NO HARM will come to the vapouriser once the oil (or wax melt, in the case of these new 2inOne’s) has vapourised away.

With their low temperature control, Aromamatic Vapourisers allow for safe and continuous operation.