My Son’s Approval

I was surprised one day when my son pointed out his very dry lips. He was 12 years old at the time and usually didn’t want to bother with anything like lip balm, heaven forbid we wear that sort of stuff!?!?

So imagine my shock when he said “YES PLEASE” to me asking if he wanted to try EDA’s Healing Lip Balm!

So to ‘strike while the iron is hot’ (so my mother used to say) I quickly grabbed a tube of lip balm and he put it on his lips.

The next day he came bounding in after school and said “FEEL MY LIPS …

Teenage Boy

… I only put that lip balm on twice Mum and they are softer than they have been in years!!”

I was very pleased to see (and of course feel) that his lips were all healed up and looking as good as new! Not too sure if they have been bad for years though, but I was quite tickled that he was so amazed by this ‘magic’ balm.

It always makes me feel good to hear positive results anyone has from our products, but to receive a resounding tick of approval from my 12 year old son is awesome and somewhat humbling that he doesn’t just see Mum’s interest as just something ‘Mum does’ but rather as a great thing.

Have an awesome day everyone!
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