Introducing ... Love the Hair you Wear!

Bring back the lustre and life to your hair with our new essential oil blends for your hair, carefully chosen to suit the colour of your hair.

Mix 100mls of warm water with just four drops of the blend that suits your hair colour, and set aside in the shower (or beside your bath) to use as a final rinse, after shampooing and conditioning your hair.

When ready, squeeze the excess water out of your hairt, tilt your head back and pour the aromatic rinse over your head … then dry your hair as usual and enjoy your new lustrous hair.

“Love the Hair you Wear” essential oil blends are available in three different types as follows:
Love the Hair You Wear - Dark Blend
Love the Hair you Wear - Red Hair
Love the Hair you Wear - Light Hair

With Rosewood, Geranium
and Lavender 100% pure
essential oils …

With Geranium, Frankincense
and Sweet Orange 100% pure
essential oils …

With Rosemary, Lemon
and Chamomile Roman 100%
pure essential oils …

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