According to a Skin Inc. magazine article by Kate Hamilton:

  • in Sanskrit, coconut is kalpa vriksha, meaning “the tree that provides all the necessities of life”;
  • in Malay, it’s called pokok seribu guna, “the tree of a thousand uses”;
  • and in the Philippines, it’s called simply “the tree of life”.
I call it a key part of my life!

We use it in our kitchen at home to cook with, include in recipes and to consciously include it as a staple part of our diet.

It is also a staple for the EDA ingredient list too.


Not only is organically grown coconut and coconut oil brilliant for consumption, with the unrefined oil having a sweet, exotic fragrance and smooth flavour reminiscent of a tropical paradise, but it is also a highly emollient oil.

Coconut oil is excellent for all-over use and some swear by it as the ultimate skin softener, hair conditioner, and after sun treatment.

So you can see why we favour it here at EDA, and will continue to bring it to you in our products.

Have a happy and healthy day everyone!
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