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Recipes for Cleaning and Deodorising in the Home


Here are some recipes for cleaning and deodorising in the home with essential oils.  Although great for general health and wellbeing and skincare, essential oils can offer so much more. The powerful properties of

Recipes for Cleaning and Deodorising in the Home2019-10-06T12:33:21+10:00

Recipes for a Pure DIY Room Spray


Once upon a time most commercial air fresheners were laden with toxic chemicals such as Phthalates, Phenols and Formaldehyde, and although some of them have removed these ingredients in an overall effort to be environmentally

Recipes for a Pure DIY Room Spray2018-08-05T10:52:28+10:00

One Square Inch of Skin


Isaw this once and thought it was a really interesting piece of information... I hope you do too! What is contained in one square inch of skin (or 2.54 square centimetres of skin)? Here

One Square Inch of Skin2018-06-24T12:05:29+10:00

Introducing Dead Sea Salt Scrub


Another addition to our Dead Sea Salt series of products is EDA’s Dead Sea Salt Scrub with Lemongrass and Lemon Myrtle, and it is beneficial for all skin types. The minerals in Dead Sea

Introducing Dead Sea Salt Scrub2018-06-24T11:51:26+10:00

My Son’s Approval


Iwas surprised one day when my son pointed out his very dry lips. He was 12 years old at the time and usually didn't want to bother with anything like lip balm, heaven forbid we

My Son’s Approval2018-06-24T11:53:23+10:00

Lovely Luscious Lips


Many of us constantly slather our lips with lipsticks, glosses, etc., in an attempt to keep our lips from drying and cracking and to keep them “kissably soft”, yet often many of these products

Lovely Luscious Lips2018-06-24T11:07:35+10:00

Looking for a Tranquil Experience?


It's as close as your bath and our Tranquil Angel Bath Salts. Part of our Dead Sea Salt series of products, is our luxuriously tranquil bath salts. Simply add to warm water and sink

Looking for a Tranquil Experience?2018-06-24T10:18:51+10:00

Holistic Help for Acne


Acne is so much more than just a spot or a blemish. It's an inflammatory condition often brought about by sensitivity to androgen (male) hormones in the body.

Holistic Help for Acne2019-03-21T04:50:38+10:00

Facial Care in Five Easy Steps


Unfortunately some of us sometimes simply go to bed at night forgetting about the impact our day has had on our faces. Every day our faces are subject to grime and pollution from the

Facial Care in Five Easy Steps2019-03-21T05:11:41+10:00

Caring For and Storing Your Essential Oils


Caring for your essential oils will ensure you get the longest life and the best result from usage. I have listed below some important tips to help you with looking after, storing and using

Caring For and Storing Your Essential Oils2018-04-29T14:17:12+10:00

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