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Essential Oil

Essential Oils Explained

The therapeutic powers of essential oils and aromatherapy are remarkable!

The essential oils contain many chemical constituents that are manufactured by the plants during their growth cycles.

Plants store their essential oils in different places. The essential oil from the rose is stored in its flowers, the orange in its peel, and the geranium’s oil is stored in its leaves. Try crushing a geranium leaf and you will smell the aroma.

Have you ever walked through a forest of pine trees and smelt the strong smell of the trees? Well that is the smell of the essential oil molecules as they evaporate from the pine needles. A stroll through a place like that is a natural tonic for our lungs.

Healing Oils

All essential oils are volatile and will evaporate, sharing their molecules and aromas.

Breathing in the aroma from an essential oil will result in thousands of the oil’s molecules finding their way into our blood stream and being carried to all parts of the body, helping the healing process gently but effectively.

But breathing in essential oils is not the only way to benefit from the healing wonders of aromatherapy. There are a number of methods used to utilise the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

Carol’s Blog

Aromatherapy is the practice of using pure therapeutic essential oils for therapeutic use. It is nature’s medicine in its purest and most essential form.

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There are a number of methods used to utilise the therapeutic powers of essential oils. Some are very simple and some …

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Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids that can be impressively therapeutic when used correctly. However they can also be unsafe if not used carefully and with respect.

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“I love this mist diffuser. I have it running overnight on my bedside table with an EDA essential oil blend to help with my sinus congestion. It is the only thing that has enabled me to have a full night sleep without coughing and spluttering every hour or so. And the added bonus, our bedroom smells divine! It is safe, turns itself off when the water level drops, and has a nice subtle light which changes colour or you can select which colour you like. It’s beautiful and so easy to use, I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Kerri-Anne • Victoria

“I don’t often wear lipstick as it is quite dry on my lips but I cannot go without a quality moisturising lip balm, and EDA’s healing lip balm is a winner! I’ve tried a LOT of lip protectants over the years and this one has beautiful moisturising qualities which is what I tend to go for. It’s not oily or claggy and glides on beautifully when applying and it keeps my lips soft and supple for hours. It has quite a distinct aromatic fragrance and taste, which I personally like. If you like “Burt’s Bees” Natural lip balms, then you will love this product. Highly recommend.”

Tess • Victoria

“I just love my Balancing Day Cream. It feels great under my makeup and I use it as a night cream too. Just makes my skin feel so smooth!”

Alison • Victoria

I love your Aromasoft Shampoo and Conditioner bars! We recently went on a 106 day cruise and I used these on our trip, they lasted for the whole time and some!! My hair feels lovely and soft, I even use the conditioner as a leave-in by rubbing it on after I towel-dry.. it certainly takes the ‘endy’ look from my hair! Thank you EDA!!

Anne-Marie • Victoria

“Thank you EDA since using your Hayfever blend I am feeling so much better.  No more antihistamines for me.”

Sandrine • Victoria

“I swear by the essential oil blends that seem to last for ages in my diffuser.  My favourites are Aphrodite and Beautiful. Keep up the good work Earth Dew Angel.“

Jenny • Victoria

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