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Natural Skin Care

The low down …

So much of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies; some studies say it is as much as 60%! So it makes sense that we should always try to use natural creams, lotions and cleansers on our skin. Using pure and synthetic-free products on our skin makes much more sense than a host of nasty chemicals that you find in a HUGE range of skin care products and cosmetics.

Just as eating well makes us healthier, so too does treating your skin well. We wouldn’t eat those nasty chemicals so why let them in through our skin?

We Love Natural

Here at Earth Dew Angel we believe in only using products that we would be happy to absorb through our own skin. In this quest we have spent several years researching and developing our products to give you a ‘really’ natural alternative to the many chemical and semi-natural products out there on the market.

Next time you reach for a ‘natural’ product, do us just one small favour please….
Check the ingredients! What preservatives and anti-oxidants are being used? All the other ingredients may be natural but it is pointless if they are topped up with harmful chemicals to preserve the product! Then take a moment to check our skin care product ingredients. You will find that we only use a 100% natural preservative AND a 100% natural anti-oxidant. Put them together with the other natural ingredients in our products and ‘voila’….N.A.T.U.R.A.L!

Carol’s Blog

“I just love my Balancing Day Cream. It feels great under my makeup and I use it as a night cream too. Just makes my skin feel so smooth!”

Alison • Victoria

“Thank you EDA since using your Hayfever blend I am feeling so much better.  No more antihistamines for me.”

Sandrine • Victoria

“I love this mist diffuser. I have it running overnight on my bedside table with an EDA essential oil blend to help with my sinus congestion. It is the only thing that has enabled me to have a full night sleep without coughing and spluttering every hour or so. And the added bonus, our bedroom smells divine! It is safe, turns itself off when the water level drops, and has a nice subtle light which changes colour or you can select which colour you like. It’s beautiful and so easy to use, I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Kerri-Anne • Victoria

“I swear by the essential oil blends that seem to last for ages in my diffuser.  My favourites are Aphrodite and Beautiful. Keep up the good work Earth Dew Angel.“

Jenny • Victoria

“I don’t often wear lipstick as it is quite dry on my lips but I cannot go without a quality moisturising lip balm, and EDA’s healing lip balm is a winner! I’ve tried a LOT of lip protectants over the years and this one has beautiful moisturising qualities which is what I tend to go for. It’s not oily or claggy and glides on beautifully when applying and it keeps my lips soft and supple for hours. It has quite a distinct aromatic fragrance and taste, which I personally like. If you like “Burt’s Bees” Natural lip balms, then you will love this product. Highly recommend.”

Tess • Victoria