Live Today!!

StartWell, it has been a long time coming but finally all this hard work has paid off and we are finally live with our brand new website.

Now back to practicing what I preach and getting some sleep!

To all my old faithful EDA followers I hope you find something ‘you didn’t know before’ on our new site. We’re including more insight to aromatherapy and just why we include this element in our products…it is so much more than (just) natural skin care, but rather it’s about the whole experience that essential oils bring with it.

Its about the healing side of the products and the ‘aromatherapeutic’…(is that a word? I hope it is because I use it all the time…ha ha)… benefits that we gain from having essential oils in creams we put on our skin.  The difference is huge!

The ancients who practiced using plants for healing 100’s (no 1,000’s) of years ago really did get it right, it’s just a shame we haven’t embraced it enough in today’s culture….YET.  My sister told me she read our Aromatherapy page today and learnt something she didn’t know about the 1800’s when tuberculosis took millions of lives, and how that triggered an interest in the healing nature of plants and essential oils. Why not have a look yourself, it’s fascinating stuff.

I could ramble on in excitement about our launch OR I could get on with developing more interesting stuff for my blog….hmmmmm….back to work!

Have an aromamagical day 🙂


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